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Hi, I am Veronica. Owner of mumssoaps, our small home-based, handmade luxury soap-making business.  I live in London. I am retired (but not expired). Mother to three boys, one girl, and a Nanny Brown to two gorgeous granddaughters.

My ‘soapmaking’ business was borne out of sheer frustration having to watch my daughter and son struggle to find a skincare product that works for them. Both daughter and son suffer from dry skin problems as a result of eczema.  I focus on using ‘natural’ ingredients. This includes plant oils, butter, essential oils, and botanicals rather than harsh chemicals that are problematic for my own children. The positive feedbacks generated from volunteers sampling including, family and friends, gave me the courage to take soapmaking to the next level.

At mumssoaps, we provide a *’ natural’ product that focuses on the individual needs rather than mass-market or mass production.  The bonus is, the reassurance that I am supporting individuals facing the same challenges I face with my own children.

My daughter spent her infant and early childhood wrapped in medicated Sulphur bandages. The bandages helped to calm down the symptom associated with eczema and prevented her skin from becoming inflamed.

Sleepless nights, followed by daily changing of bed linen became the norm in our household.  Most of my daughter’s playtime was taken up with attending numerous hospital appointments. Experimenting with Chinese herb treatment and using multiple skincare products had no positive relief or effect.  As a result, my daughter was socially isolated and subjected to negative comments about her dry alligator skin tone.

In my son’s case. He developed ‘allergic eczema’ in adolescence.  This was triggered by the long-term use of commercial soaps with synthetic substances.  He too endured numerous visits to the Dermatologist without success.

The most satisfying thing about making soaps and running my own soap-making business is knowing what goes into the soaps. Enhancing the power of nature offers a healthier skincare product that is natural and safe for my family.  The other side is, soapmaking brings out my creative side and obsessive streak.

To individuals who are searching for a more nature-based approach to their skincare needs.  We are the skincare brand that is compassionate about harnessing the power of nature to enhance natural health, beauty and serenity of mind. I cannot guarantee my products will work for everyone.  Believe me, when I say, you have my reassurance that I understand your struggle.  As a mother, I am deeply compassionate about supporting individuals who are also searching for a more nature-based approach to their skincare problems.


*There is no legal definition of the word ‘natural’.  Most cosmetic and personal care products still contain preservatives for longevity, cosmetic colouring agents, and chemicals.  Sodium Hydroxide used in the soapmaking process to bond fats, oils, and water, no longer present in the finished product.