About Mum

Love your skin the way it should be loved


To the men and women who are actively seeking a more nature -based approach to their skin care problems.  Trust me when I say I know and understand your struggle.  Be assured I am here to support you in enhancing the natural health and beauty of your skin. My mission is in supporting and providing you with a great experience that will make you feel naturally beautiful and loved.

Hi, let me to introduce myself to you.

I am Veronica, owner of mums soaps, our handmade luxury soap making business.  I live in London. I am a Mother to three boys, one girl and a Nanny Brown to two gorgeous granddaughters.

I started mums soaps out of sheer helplessness watching both my daughter and son struggle to find a natural skin care product that worked for their skin problem.   

My daughter was born with ‘atopic eczema’ through adolescence to adulthood. Her eczema affects her neck, hands and in the creases of her limbs.  As a result, her skin is constantly dry, itchy, cracked and rough.  Most of my daughter’s childhood was spent wrapped in medicated Sulphur bandages to prevent bacterial infection of her skin.

The whole neighbourhood knew my daughter’s bath times as they endured her heart rendering screams of pain over the years.  I was always apprehensive that any minute social services would break down the front door and take her away.

Sleepless nights itching and scratching, followed by daily changing of bed linen became the norm in our household.  My daughter endured numerous hospital appointments, experimenting with Chinese herbs and using multiple skincare products with no positive relief or effect.  Consequently, my daughter was socially isolated and further endured negative comments about her alligator skin texture.

In my son’s case, he developed ‘allergic eczema’ in adolescence, triggered by the long-term use of commercial soaps with synthetic substances.  He too endured numerous visits to the ‘Dermatologist’ which proved unsuccessful.

In 2017 I launched mums soaps website with the support and encouragement of my family and friends to take soap making to the next level.  Positive feedbacks were generated from volunteers sampling, including family and friends. 

The secret to mums soaps is the generous infusion of compassion, understanding, reassurance, trust and love. My soaps are ‘handmade’ in small batches to a very high standard to ensure consistency of quality and purity.  I use ‘natural ‘ ingredients that is good for  both you and the environment. This way I am providing a *’natural’ product that focus more on the individual’s skin care needs rather than the mass. 

What I love most about making soaps and running my own business is knowing exactly what goes into mums soaps which adds to its superior quality.  The end product is a healthier alternative skin care option that is natural and safe for your family. Our recipes have undergone rigorous assessment by qualified Cosmetic Safety Consultant in compliance with EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations.    Plus, making soap brings out my creative demon and obsessive streak.  I also get a sense of satisfaction and reassurance knowing that I am supporting others who are facing the same struggle I faced with my own children.

*There are no legal definition of the word ‘natural’ as most cosmetic and personal care products still contains preservative for longevity, Cosmetic colouring agents a nd chemical.  Sodium Hydroxide is used in the soap making process to bond fats, oils and water but is no longer present in the finished product.